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A Space Within

There is becoming less space in the world. There are more vehicles than space on the roads. There is more information and choice in today’s world than human capacity to absorb that information. There is more activity required from individuals than the hours available to perform it. In our fast-moving world it is not uncommon to meet people who are outwardly successful but are out of control inside; external pressures are controlling their thoughts, feelings and actions. People can live like this for a limited period of time but, at some point, they feel like shouting, “Stop the world – I want to get off!”

Sometimes, these people will try to minimise their mental overload by attempting to control their external circumstances - and also trying to control people around

them. This can result in becoming a “control freak.”

Within us all there is a quiet place; space within, where we can receive wisdom to show us how to deal with the external demands placed upon us. This personal space is available to every human being irrespective of class, race, intellectual or physical ability. It is never closed and access is always available. It is in this inner quiet place that genuine awareness and intuition can function.


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