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Ecstasy and Pain

To know more about fulfilment and ecstasy, we must get to know more about love. What is love? Does it harm or heal? Can it be defined or understood? Why do we long for it so much and can this longing ever be satisfied? How do we know when we have found love? Can love be lost once it has been found, or is it indestructible? Why is there such apparent and widespread pain in relationships that start out by promising so much fulfilment? Most people never really find love. They think that they have, only to be disillusioned and hurt. They think that love has hurt them, but they are wrong. Love can never hurt; it can only heal. It is the lack of love in the world that causes pain and suffering. In fact, throughout history and throughout the world, all suffering is simply the effect of missed opportunities to love. To explain the inexplicable, to describe the indescribable, is obviously impossible. Ultimately, to know what love is, you must feel it. That is what Love invites us to experience.


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