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Golden Words of Guidance

This video carries a message from the "Unseen" - a call to preserve some of the great words from the past that have been left to humanity by poets, sages, seers and masters of antiquity. This is what the message said:

In the beginning—long before blogs, texts, websites, kindle and podcasts—there was poetry, literature, art and books. Hidden deep within these written messages, there is treasure. They were given, to those who transcribed them, to reveal answers to the mysteries of life; to inspire and to enlighten. True poetry, art and literature has more to offer than that which is obvious on the surface.

To discover the treasure, the reader must give such manuscripts his or her complete and undivided attention. To benefit fully from inspired documents such as these, one must read with the heart, not just with the mind.

Those who wrote them were not known as bloggers or YouTubers, they were called “poets, sages, seers and scribes.” These Masters didn’t seek to monetise their work, in fact most of them died unknown and in poverty; their literature only being fully recognised in your world after they had transitioned to ours.

We are not complaining or demeaning your modern methods of communication, but we do have some concern that some of our messages sent in the form of poems or texts, might become assigned to the list of forgotten books of the past, lost beneath the mountain of current content that is more easily accessible to your world today.

We come to you with a commission, a task: a service to your generation and those that will follow you. We ask you to read some of these great works of poetry and literature by way of your own videos. Perhaps they won’t appeal to everyone but that’s simply how it must be; you will not be reading these works for everyone, but for those who are searching—

digging—for treasure, guidance for life.

You should read these golden works of guidance on your video channel every Sunday. The day of the Sun—the first day of the week—brings warmth, hope, new beginnings, a fresh start. Begin simply with readings that have inspired and helped you personally; as time goes on we will guide you to those that will be of particular help and inspiration to those who listen.

With that, the message ended. Starting next Sunday, I will begin to read. I hope they will be of help and inspiration to you.


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