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It Really Is Possible to Transform Your Circumstances. To Do So, You Simply Have to Change Your Mind

You alone hold the key to your happiness. Whether you attain a happy life filled with love and everything you wish for depends upon you. Nobody can give these things to you—but neither can anybody prevent you from enjoying them. The circumstances and outcome of your life depend upon what you choose.

It’s commonly thought that, as human beings, we possess only five senses—sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. But there are further faculties that we have, which are either dormant or undeveloped in most people:

A power resides in you, so strong that even the resistant forces of nature and matter can’t defeat it. What is that power? It is Real Will. It is with this unstoppable force within that you make your choices.

When I ask people what they need to make them happy, most say, “to experience love, fulfilling relationships and a meaningful sex life.”

Why do people want love, relationships and sex even more than wealth? It is because love, intimacy and sex are central to who we are. Money and fast cars are things I may or may not have; but intimacy, love and sex tell me what kind of person I am.

The ability to use your Real Will—to create a happy and fulfilled life—is to be discovered beneath the level of the ordinary conscious mind. There we find the subconscious mind.

It is possible to reverse the negative imprint in the subconscious mind and to break free from the limitations imposed by habit and conditioning. There are proven techniques to achieve this.

This requires a new way of thinking, which will open up pathways in your brain that have been dormant for most of your life.

You cannot transform your life simply by changing your external circumstances, and you can’t undo the past. What can be done, however, is to help you to raise, or expand, your consciousness in such a way that the past doesn’t define who you really are, or how you live your life now.

What if there was nothing wrong with you? How would it feel to be instantly freed from all sense of being flawed, broken and in need of being mended? What changes might become possible if you were to discover that you were already fully accepted, loved and completely whole?”

Through the resources on this website you will be following a proven step-by-step system that can be understood and followed by everyone irrespective of gender, culture, background, occupation or social position.

To identify this system I use the acronym ICASA, which stands for Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness. It doesn’t require any particular belief; in fact, healthy skepticism and the willingness to question everything is helpful.

If you follow the system and the recommended practices, you will break free from the limitations of your conditioning, connect with love and intimacy and will become increasingly peaceful, calm and happy.


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