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Transpersonal Letters Vol. 1 Letter 1: The Purpose of Life

Life is a mysterious journey we embark upon, graced with individuality and guided by the intricate web of destiny, often referred to as 'karma.' Beneath the surface of mundane existence lies a profound purpose—to transcend the limits of our ordinary personalities and unfold the higher faculties that reveal the true nature of our being.


To grasp the purpose of life, it's crucial to distinguish between the superficial layers of 'personality' and the profound essence of 'being.' Personality, often described as the amalgamation of traits such as goodness, aggression, meekness, or power, shapes our interactions with the world and other personalities. However, at a deeper level, each of us embodies a unique type of being that transcends the mere surface of our personalities.


In essence, the state of being is the true determinant of how we connect with our fellow human beings. While personalities may guide our surface-level actions, it is the state of being that shapes the authentic nature of our relationships.


On the cosmic scale, our universe—and our very planet Earth—are inhabited by countless beings. Each day, we encounter these beings, though many remain blissfully unaware of their true nature—they identify themselves solely through the lens of their personalities. If we, too, fail to delve into and cultivate our state of being, we risk navigating life on autopilot, merely reacting to others based on the dictates of our ego-driven personalities.


It is a call to awaken from the slumber of routine and embark on the transformative journey of evolving our state of being: a quest to transcend the ordinary limitations imposed by our personalities. In the pursuit of this higher calling, we uncover dormant faculties that enable us to realize our full potential as human beings. It beckons us to move beyond the superficial judgments of good or bad, strong or weak, and instead, to embrace the authenticity of our being.


To embark on this transformative journey, we must turn our gaze inward. It is within the depths of self-discovery that we unravel the layers of our personality and tap into the reservoir of our being. Meditation, self-awareness and self-reflection become the tools that guide us through the labyrinth of our consciousness, helping us to discern the genuine essence beneath the masks we wear in our daily lives.


Central to the purpose of life is the liberation from the ego's relentless grip. The ego, often driven by expectations imposed upon us by family and society, keeps us confined within the boundaries of our ordinary personality. Breaking free from these shackles requires a conscious effort to recognize the ego's influence, question its motives, and ultimately transcend its limitations.


As we progress on the path of self-discovery and transcendence, a natural by-product is the cultivation of compassion and genuine connection with others. Liberated from the constraints of mere personality-driven interactions, we begin to perceive a shared humanity that unites us all. Empathy becomes a guiding force, fostering understanding and harmony in our relationships.




The purpose of life is a transformative journey from the surface-level dictates of personality to the profound depths of being. It is a call to awaken from the slumber of routine, to question the limitations imposed by the ego, and to embrace the boundless potential that lies within. As we navigate this cosmic dance, we must strive to transcend the ordinary and embark on this journey of self-discovery, compassion, and connection—a journey that unveils the profound purpose woven into the very fabric of our existence.






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